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(a)Assist the President Director in the planning, organizing and controlling all aspect of the company’s operational activities.

(b)Assist the President Director in the expansion and development of the company.

(c)Assist the President Director in setting up company’s organizational structure, job descriptions and standard operating procedures including control of its implementation.

(d)Assist the President Director in presenting the company in maintaining good relationship with the government tourism officials and the travel association personnel.

(e)Assist the President Director in creating and maintaining the company’s good reputation toward the public.

(f)Assist the President Director in the evaluation of staff standards and performances.

(g)Assist the President Director in carrying the company’s public relations activities.

(h)Set up company’s regulations.

(i)Assist in the preparation of all company’s business proposal.

(j)Responsible for the drafting of all company’s contracts and business correspondences.

(k)Coordinate and supervise the company’s pool of secretaries and their job functions.

(l)Responsible for the operations, utilization and maintenance of company’s Travel Library.

(m)Set up company’s filing system and proper office administration.

(n)Create and maintain harmonious staff team work within the company.

(o)Establish regular contact and consultation with the President Director in overcoming problems.

(p)Other duties as assigned by the President Director.

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