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All rates are quoted in United States Dollars, are net rates and based on the current excange
rate at time of printing. Therefore,all rates subject to change without notice due to 
possible currency fluctuations. Rates are not inclusive of a 1% VAT tax called PPN , which is
levied on all sales made in Indonesia, and which Media Tour in turn must pay to the 
Indonesian Government.

Full details are required for all bookings, including flight information, and, whenever 
possible, the airline reference code (PNR) for each reservation. All bookings must be 
prepaid by bank draft.

Media Tour acts only in the capacity of an Agent for Hotels, Carriers, Transportation 
Companies and other Contactors. Therefore, Media Tour cannot be held responsible and 
disclaims responsibility for any losses, damages, injuries, deaths, delays, changes of 
schedule, irregularities etc, which are beyond  its control, and reserves the right to 
change the arrangements with or without notice if found to be in the best interest of all 
parties concerned.

Payment should always be made within 30 days of receiving the invoice. A fee will be levied 
on late payment in accordance with the local bank’s interest rates. We prefer to receive 
payment in the form of bank draft, also called cashier’s cheques in US Dollars. We do not 
accept personal or company cheques. Due to the complexity of the Indonesian banking system, 
it is difficult  risky and lengthy to use bank transfer or  swifts. They may take 2 or 3 
months to reach us. When sending a bank draft, it is advisable to send a fax copy of the 
draft, so we can trace it back  in case it does not reach us within a ressonable time frame.

Please remit all payment to: 

			Media Tour
			Branch Office
			Yogya, Indonesia